Where can I find a list of WordPress hooks?

Where can I find a list of all the WordPress hooks and over-ridable functions (pluggable, scriptable, etc)?

Edit: Plugin is listed here.


@Arlen: As Keith S points out Adam Brown’s List of Hooks is the defacto resource of hooks for WordPress. However, it’s not perfect:

  • It doesn’t show the hooks in order of when they are called,
  • It doesn’t provide file name or line number where invoked,
  • It doesn’t provide a number of arguments passed,
  • It’s not a complete list because some hooks can be called dynamically,
  • And it doesn’t show hooks from plugins.

So while Adam’s list is a great resource especially for understanding when hooks were historically added it’s not nearly as useful as if you were able to instrument the hooks on any given page on your own site.

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while so your question triggered me to write a plugin called “Instrument Hooks for WordPress.” You can find the full source below the screen shot and can you can also download it from gist here.

So here’s a screenshot of what the instrumentation looks like:

Screenshot of Instrument Hooks for WordPress Plugin in action

You trigger the instrumentation by using the URL parameter instrument=hooks, i.e.:


And as promised, here’s the source (or download it here.):

Plugin Name: Instrument Hooks for WordPress
Description: Instruments Hooks for a Page. Outputs during the Shutdown Hook.
Version: 0.1
Author: Mike Schinkel
Author URI: http://mikeschinkel.com

if ($_GET['instrument']=='hooks') {

    function instrument_hooks() {
        global $wpdb;
        $hooks = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM wp_hook_list ORDER BY first_call");
        $html = array();
        $html[] = '<style>#instrumented-hook-list table,#instrumented-hook-list th,#instrumented-hook-list td {border:1px solid gray;padding:2px 5px;}</style>
<div align="center" id="instrumented-hook-list">
        <th>First Call</th>
        <th>Hook Name</th>
        <th>Hook Type</th>
        <th>Arg Count</th>
        <th>Called By</th>
        <th>Line #</th>
        <th>File Name</th>
        foreach($hooks as $hook) {
            $html[] = "<tr>
        $html[] = '</table></div>';
        echo implode("\n",$html);

    function record_hook_usage($hook){
        global $wpdb;
        static $in_hook = false;
        static $first_call = 1;
        static $doc_root;
        $callstack = debug_backtrace();
        if (!$in_hook) {
            $in_hook = true;
            if ($first_call==1) {
                $doc_root = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];
                $results = $wpdb->get_results("SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE 'wp_hook_list'");
                if (count($results)==1) {
                    $wpdb->query("TRUNCATE TABLE wp_hook_list");
                } else {
                    $wpdb->query("CREATE TABLE wp_hook_list (
                    called_by varchar(96) NOT NULL,
                    hook_name varchar(96) NOT NULL,
                    hook_type varchar(15) NOT NULL,
                    first_call int(11) NOT NULL,
                    arg_count tinyint(4) NOT NULL,
                    file_name varchar(128) NOT NULL,
                    line_num smallint NOT NULL,
                    PRIMARY KEY (first_call,hook_name))"
            $args = func_get_args();
            $arg_count = count($args)-1;
            $hook_type = str_replace('do_','',
            $file_name = str_replace($doc_root,'',$callstack[3]['file']);
            $line_num = $callstack[3]['line'];
            $called_by = $callstack[4]['function'];
            $wpdb->query("INSERT wp_hook_list
                VALUES ($first_call,'$called_by()','$hook','$hook_type',$arg_count,'$file_name',$line_num)");
            $in_hook = false;

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