Why are my roles not visible in a Multi-site/Network?

My network is showing roles in some sites and not in others.

For some reason that I can’t explain, when I add a new user, I have no roles to choose from in the drop down box of a sub-site in my network. Also, my new user assigned to a site is not showing on my list of users for that site.

Is this something fixable?

Below an image of the current situation.

Roles not Showing

Below is the picture showing the main site with the roles properly there, but the sub-sites of the network don’t.

Roles showing


  1. Determine your Multisite Blog ID. I will use 99 as an example
  2. Go into the database
  3. Go to this table: wp_##_options (wp_99_options) — you will have a table for each blog
  4. Find the record where option_name = wp_user_roles
  5. Change the text wp_user_roles to wp_##_user_roles (“wp_99_user_roles”)

The table you are editing will have option_id, blog_id, option_name, option_value, autoload. However, DO NOT CHANGE ANY RECORD except the record where option_name = wp_user_roles. There will only be a single record in this table like this.

wp_user_roles is used when there is no Multisite install, and here, it appears as though it was just a bug when the table was created.

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