Why “?v=hash” is added to my URLs? [closed]

I’m new to wordpress, I set up everything, but there’s something that bothers me: on every single URL or link, there’s a “?v=hash” appended everywhere (example.com/?v=d21feabed96b).

I tried to see inspect every plugin, I don’t understand how this parameter is added.

It looks like it’s added in js, because if I see the source, there’s no trace of this hash, but I can see in firebug live source.

Plugins installed:

  • jetpack
  • sumome
  • wp-piwik
  • wp super cache
  • woocommerce

Theme: Storefront

I tried to disable everything, but still I get this hash, does anyone knows how and why it’s added?

I’m also using cloudflare


It was woocommerce, it has a setting “geolocalize users with cache support” which adds this parameter to every single url and link. I noticed that the hash appended was the same in every browser on my computer, so I realized it wasn’t a “session” hash, but an IP address hash.

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