WordPress with Git

I am asking this question because I searched on internet but cannot find right solution. Actually I want a solution in which multiple developers can work on single wordpress project without creating any mess into each other works, but as we know that in wordpress every thing is maintained in database like which plugin is active and which is not.

If developers install plugins to their local project than how they communicate with each other that every one should install that particular plugin or plugins etc, and some miscommunication can break the site of others if every every developer push/pull the code.

Should we share the database too, to share the plugin/themes settings so that there should no conflicts or little conflicts between the developers.



Git for plugins:

  • Use Composer for plugins which are already packaged on packagist or wpackagist. Add them to composer.json.
  • Use TGM Plugin Activation for other plugins.

Then, use Git to manage composer.json and the changes in the TGM plugin.

The hardest part is to sync database:

Definitely, we should share database. Reconfigure a plugin settings/options is not a good idea.

There’re many plugins, both free and premium, which can help.

If you want to try something manually, incorporate wp-cli with the answer of @Wyck.

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