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Link your WPSE-Plugins

If you answered a question and made a plugin out of your code, than this is your place to share it.

The Idea:
An old comment from @MikeSchinkel during the beta phase where he wrote something like “I wonder how many plugins will come out of WA”.


  • Write a short – one line – description of what the plugin is intended to do.
  • Tell how it’s meant to be used: Template Tag, Shortcode, Widget, Plug & Play.
  • Link to your plugins in an answer, on github/bitbucket/whatever or in the wp.org repo.
  • Please link one plugin per answer.
  • If you got some answers that would serve well as plugin, just modify your A and link it here.
  • If your plugin became a commercial plugin later, it’s ok to post the link here.
  • If your plugin is not cc- plus GNU GPL 2-licensed, please mention the license.


Important: About License

As to a lot of discussion about copyright & open source licenses1), i want to mention that these plugins run under the cc-license plus the GNU GPL 2-license, if the author didn’t mention else.

1) Some related discussion examples:

Rewrite analyzer

Making sense of the rewrite mess. Display and play with your rewrite rules.

Plug and play

Test URLs and see matching rules with the resulting query variables

Download link
WordPress.org Plugin Directory

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