Youtube parameters within WordPress embed code?

Ok, so I want to embed youtube videos but also remove the annoying annotations. The following code works great from to embed the video 

But whatever I seem to do, I cannot add the following parameter:


Im not sure if its even possible to to add this within the wordpress embed code? I then found something intresting:

    var $param = $(this).children(':first-child'); 
    var newUrl = $param.attr('value') + '&iv_load_policy=3'; 
    $param.attr('value', newUrl); 

The above code is meant to set all youtube videos globally (iv_load_policy=3) but i think Im doing it wrong.

Thanks in advance.

2 Answers

It doesn’t look like load policies are configurable with WP’s auto-embed.

But see the docs on how to use WP’s embedding:

And see the Developer Resources and API at WP:

WP’s auto-embedding uses oEmbed, and the specs and API are here:

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