Adding a timer to my program (javafx)

Timer is used to schedule tasks.. So where do you write those tasks?? Well you have to write those tasks in a TimerTask class…

Confused ? Let me break it down,

Timer timer = new Timer();

Now you have created a object of Timer class .. Now you have to do some task right? So to do that create an object of TimerTask.

TimerTask task = new TimerTask()
        public void run()
            //The task you want to do       


Now you have created a task where you should be defining the tasks you want to do inside the run method..

Why have I written a TimerTask class itself?? Thats because TimerTask is a abstract class with three methods.. So you need to define whichever method you want to use..

Now scheduling the task


Note the ‘l’ after 5000. It is to denote long data type because the schedule method is defined as

void schedule(TimerTask task,long milliseconds)

For further reference

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