Create a dictionary with comprehension

Can I use list comprehension syntax to create a dictionary?

For example, by iterating over pairs of keys and values:

d = {... for k, v in zip(keys, values)}


Use a dict comprehension (Python 2.7 and later):

{key: value for (key, value) in iterable}

Alternatively for simpler cases or earlier version of Python, use the dict constructor, e.g.:

pairs = [('a', 1), ('b', 2)]
dict(pairs)                         #=> {'a': 1, 'b': 2}
dict([(k, v+1) for k, v in pairs])  #=> {'a': 2, 'b': 3}

Given separate arrays of keys and values, use the dict constructor with zip:

keys = ['a', 'b']
values = [1, 2]
dict(zip(keys, values))  #=> {'a': 1, 'b': 2}
2) "zip'ped" from two separate iterables of keys/vals
dict(zip(list_of_keys, list_of_values))

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