How does one suppress a 404 status code in a WordPress page?

I’ve got a WordPress site that includes pages pulled from a different database. The problem is that these other pages return a 404 status code. (The WordPress posts/pages are fine.)

The 404’ed pages display fine, and I removed the “Page not Found” text from the title tag in WordPress. But Googlebot and W3C see the 404 header.

So: wow does one tell Apache to suppress a 404 status? And will Apache override WordPress’s 404 header?

Does that make sense? What other info and things should I be looking at?

Can I suppress the status code in .htaccess so I don’t change WP core files?


You can either add custom rewrites to your pages. Or on the top of the template files that wrap your other pages just output header('HTTP/1.1 200 OK');.

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