Determining the path that a yum package installed to [closed]

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How to preserve line breaks when storing command output to a variable?

I’m using bash shell on Linux. I have this simple script … #!/bin/bash TEMP=`sed -n “””Starting deployment of”‘/,/'”Failed to start context”‘/p’ “/usr/java/jboss/standalone/log/server.log” | tac | awk “””Starting deployment of”‘/ {print;exit} 1’ | tac` echo $TEMP However, when I run this script ./ all the output is printed without the carriage returns/new lines. Not sure if … Read more

Compiling C++ on remote Linux machine – “clock skew detected” warning

I’m connected to my university’s small Linux cluster via PuTTY and WinSCP, transferring files using the latter and compiling and running them with the former. My work so far has been performed in the university’s labs, but today I have been doing some work at home that generated an interesting warning. I uploaded an entire … Read more

Get started with Latex on Linux [closed]

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What is the difference between buffer and cache memory in Linux?

To me it’s not clear what’s the difference between the two Linux memory concepts : buffer and cache. I’ve read through this post and it seems to me that the difference between them is the expiration policy: buffer’s policy is first-in, first-out cache’s policy is Least Recently Used. Am I right? In particular, I’m looking … Read more