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This question has been asked before, but even after reading:

Java “Get” and “Set” Methods

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And more I still don’t understand how to solve my problem.

When accessing variables in a class using get methods from another class I receive the value null.

How do I recieve my correct values instead of null?

This is the class where I try to get my variables FROM (not everything included).

public class RLS_character_panel extends javax.swing.JPanel implements ActionListener, ItemListener { 

    private String name1 = "hello"; 

    public String getName1() { 
        return name1; 

    public void setName1(String name1) { 
        this.name1 = name1; 


This is the class where i try to get the values TO. This class extends JFrame so that I can add a JPanel which displays the variable. (the JPanel is yet another class called: RLS_strid_panel , which is added upon this frame).

public class RLS_strid_java extends JFrame { 

    RLS_character_panel test = new RLS_character_panel(); 

    String name1 = test.getName1(); 

    RLS_strid_panel p = new RLS_strid_panel(namn1); 

    // constructor
    public RLS_strid_java(String titel) { 
        this.setSize(1000, 772); 

the Jpanel Displays null.

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