Placing a Custom Post Type Menu Above the Posts Menu Using menu_position?

I just figured out the menu_position parameter it seems like you can place the menu of your custom post type almost everywhere. Except above the Posts menu!

How can I accomplish that?


Positions for Core Menu Items

  • 2 Dashboard
  • 4 Separator
  • 5 Posts
  • 10 Media
  • 15 Links
  • 20 Pages
  • 59 Separator
  • 60 Appearance
  • 65 Plugins
  • 70 Users
  • 75 Tools
  • 80 Settings
  • 99 Separator

Parameter description for “menu position”

$position (integer) (optional) The position in the menu order
this menu should appear. By default, if this parameter is omitted, the
menu will appear at the bottom of the menu structure. The higher the
number, the lower its position in the menu.

WARNING: if two menu items
use the same position attribute, one of the items may be overwritten
so that only one item displays! Risk of conflict can be reduced by
using decimal instead of integer values, e.g. 63.3 instead of 63.

Default: bottom of menu structure

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