What tools are available for managing/writing to WordPress? [closed]

Aside from the actual WordPress dashboard, what tools are available for writing posts, moderating comments, and otherwise administering your site? Please identify whether you’re referencing a desktop tool, a web-based tool, or a mobile tool.


Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer (WLW) is hands down the best, if you are on Windows. One of the things I love about it is its plugin architecture and how many people have written useful plugins for WLW.

Windows Live Writer for Windows
(source: mikeschinkel.com)


I searched far and wide for an equivalent on the Mac and didn’t find a match but came close: Qumana:

Quamana Blog Editor for the Mac OS X
(source: mikeschinkel.com)

Qumana still can’t touch WLW because it doesn’t strip garbage HTML (like from a Word .doc) like WLW does and it doesn’t have a plugin architecture, but I keep hoping… 🙂

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