Expanding the allowed HTML tags in comments?

I have no problem doing this in a comment, as an administrator: <b>bold test</b> <i>italics test</i> <u>underline test</u> <font color=”#ff9900″> color test</font> But the subscribers can’t underline, add color to words nor add images. Is it that only the admin can use more HTML tags than those suggested under the comment form? <a href=”” title=””> … Read more

Why is WordPress redirecting users to random posts after commenting?

After commenting on one of my posts, WordPress redirects me to another random post. Only after, when checking the previous post, I can see that my comment was posted. Still, why is WordPress sending me to a random post after commenting? Here’s my comments.php file and here’s my website (please don’t publish it anywhere else, … Read more

Unix timestamp for post comment

Is there any function/code snippet to retrieve the unix time stamp of the comment on a post? The WordPress default function comment_time(); returns the time of the post in 12hr format (not helpful). 4 Answers 4 Use: global $comment; $timestamp = strtotime(“{$comment->comment_date_gmt} GMT”); Regards.

Opening all posts for comments

Is it possible to use the user-interface (front-end) part of WordPress to open comments on all posts in one (or two) clicks? I have many posts with closed comments which must have happened by mistake, and I want to make them all open comments. Here’s the caveat: My host provider doesn’t give me ssh access … Read more

How do I really disable comments?

I’ve been on a wordpress hiatus for the past 8 months and have never had to deal with building a website for an actual client. Though, no matter what I tried/how I tried to disable comments, I would always get spammers commenting. What can I do to make sure that comments are really disabled… and … Read more

Override comments.php template with plugin

How can I override default theme/WP Core comments.php template with my own in the plugin? I searched for different solutions, but they don’t work for me. Or how to hook to the end of any post (even custom post type) to display my custom comments? 1 Answer 1 The comments_template hook: add_filter( ‘comments_template’, function ( … Read more

Enable commenting on front-end preview page for pending posts

We are in the process of allowing authors to collaboratively be a part of the editorial process. They will have access to all pending posts’ preview pages (not post-edit pages). I want to allow these users to post a normal comment whenever the post is in pending post_status. Upon research, a comprehensive solution has been … Read more