Can clearInterval() be called inside setInterval()?

bigloop=setInterval(function () {
              var checked = $('#status_table tr [id^="monitor_"]:checked');
                if (checked.index()===-1 ||checked.length===0 || ){

                        (function loop(i) {                           
                            //monitor element at index i
                            //delay of 3 seconds
                            setTimeout(function () {
                                //when incremented i is less than the number of rows, call loop for next index
                                if (++i < checked.length) loop(i);
                            }, 3000);
                        }(0)); //start with 0
            }, index*3000); //loop period

I have the code above and sometimes it is working, sometimes it is not. I am wondering if the clearInterval actually clear the timer?? because there is this monitor button that will only be disabled when it is in monitoring function. I have another clearInterval when an element called .outputRemove is clicked. See the code below:

//remove row entry in the table      
        $('#status_table').on('click', '.outputRemove', function () {
            deleted= true;
            bigloop= window.clearInterval(bigloop);
            var thistr=$(this).closest('tr');

            $('#status_table tbody tr').find('td:first').text(function(index){
               return ++index;


But it was enabled for a while before it is disabled again. Will clearInterval get the program out from the setInterval function?

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