how to use javascript Object.defineProperty

I looked around for how to use the Object.defineProperty method, but couldn’t find anything decent. Someone gave me this snippet of code: Object.defineProperty(player, “health”, { get: function () { return 10 + ( player.level * 15 ); } }) But I don’t understand it. Mainly, the get is what I can’t get (pun intended). How … Read more

Can clearInterval() be called inside setInterval()?

bigloop=setInterval(function () { var checked = $(‘#status_table tr [id^=”monitor_”]:checked’); if (checked.index()===-1 ||checked.length===0 || ){ bigloop=clearInterval(bigloop); $(‘#monitor’).button(‘enable’); }else{ (function loop(i) { //monitor element at index i monitoring($(checked[i]).parents(‘tr’)); //delay of 3 seconds setTimeout(function () { //when incremented i is less than the number of rows, call loop for next index if (++i < checked.length) loop(i); }, 3000); … Read more

jQuery .ready in a dynamically inserted iframe

We are using jQuery thickbox to dynamically display an iframe when someone clicks on a picture. In this iframe, we are using galleria a javascript library to display multiple pictures. The problem seems to be that $(document).ready in the iframe seems to be fired too soon and the iframe content isn’t even loaded yet, so … Read more

How to use Redirect in version 5 of react-router-dom of Reactjs

I am using the last version react-router module, named react-router-dom, that has become the default when developing web applications with React. I want to know how to make a redirection after a POST request. I have been making this code, but after the request, nothing happens. I review on the web, but all the data … Read more