Can clearInterval() be called inside setInterval()?

bigloop=setInterval(function () { var checked = $(‘#status_table tr [id^=”monitor_”]:checked’); if (checked.index()===-1 ||checked.length===0 || ){ bigloop=clearInterval(bigloop); $(‘#monitor’).button(‘enable’); }else{ (function loop(i) { //monitor element at index i monitoring($(checked[i]).parents(‘tr’)); //delay of 3 seconds setTimeout(function () { //when incremented i is less than the number of rows, call loop for next index if (++i < checked.length) loop(i); }, 3000); … Read more

How can I make setInterval also work when a tab is inactive in Chrome?

I have a setInterval running a piece of code 30 times a second. This works great, however when I select another tab (so that the tab with my code becomes inactive), the setInterval is set to an idle state for some reason. I made this simplified test case ( var $div = $(‘div’); var a … Read more

Execute the setInterval function without delay the first time

It’s there a way to configure the setInterval method of javascript to execute the method immediately and then executes with the timer 16 s 16 It’s simplest to just call the function yourself directly the first time: foo(); setInterval(foo, delay); However there are good reasons to avoid setInterval – in particular in some circumstances a … Read more

setTimeout or setInterval?

As far as I can tell, these two pieces of javascript behave the same way: Option A: function myTimeoutFunction() { doStuff(); setTimeout(myTimeoutFunction, 1000); } myTimeoutFunction(); Option B: function myTimeoutFunction() { doStuff(); } myTimeoutFunction(); setInterval(myTimeoutFunction, 1000); Is there any difference between using setTimeout and setInterval? 20 s 20 They essentially try to do the same thing, … Read more