Django – Rebuild a query string without one of the variables

I have a Django view that processes a GET request. I want to rebuild the query string to include all variables except for one. I was initially using list comprehension: >>> from django.http import QueryDict >>> q = QueryDict(‘a=2&b=4&c=test’) // <— make believe this is request.GET >>> z = QueryDict(”).copy() >>> z.update(dict([x for x in … Read more

HTML5 video element non-seekable when using Django development server

I’ve got a Django app serving a webpage with an HTML5 element. There’s a wierd “feature”, turning the video element to be non-seekable: video.seekable returns a timeRanges object with length=0, whereas it should be length=1. This means I can’t edit the video. JavaScript can’t do anything either. The thing is, when I upload the problematic … Read more