NHibernate ISession Flush: Where and when to use it, and why?

One of the things that get me thoroughly confused is the use of session.Flush,in conjunction with session.Commit, and session.Close. Sometimes session.Close works, e.g., it commits all the changes that I need. I know I need to use commit when I have a transaction, or a unit of work with several creates/updates/deletes, so that I can … Read more

How to force uninstallation of windows service

I installed a windows service using installUtil.exe. After updating the code I used installUtil.exe again to install the service w/o uninstalling the original version first. When I now try to uninstall the service, installUtil.exe completes the uninstall successfully, but the service still appears. If I try to change its properties, I receive the message ‘service … Read more

How serious is this new ASP.NET security vulnerability and how can I workaround it?

I’ve just read on the net about a newly discovered security vulnerability in ASP.NET. You can read the details here. The problem lies in the way that ASP.NET implements the AES encryption algorithm to protect the integrity of the cookies these applications generate to store information during user sessions. This is a bit vague, but … Read more