How do I “decompile” Java class files? [closed]

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decompiling DEX into Java sourcecode

How can one decompile Android DEX (VM bytecode) files into corresponding Java sourcecode? 17 s 17 It’s easy Get these tools: dex2jar to translate dex files to jar files jd-gui to view the java files in the jar The source code is quite readable as dex2jar makes some optimizations. Procedure: And here’s the procedure on … Read more

How to decompile a whole Jar file?

2009: JavaDecompiler can do a good job with a jar: since 0.2.5, All files, in JAR files, are displayed. See also the question “How do I “decompile” Java class files?”. The JD-Eclipse doesn’t seem to have changed since late 2009 though (see Changes).So its integration with latest Eclipse (3.8, 4.2+) might be problematic. JD-Core is actively maintained. Both are … Read more

How to change already compiled .class file without decompile?

I want to change .class file’s method. I installed JD Eclipse Decompiler and opened the .class file. I added some codes and save .class file. But, .class file is not changing. I don’t know how to use decompiler. And if is it possible, how to change .class file without using decompiler. I am using Ubuntu. … Read more