How to migrate from to self-hosted wordpress

I’m trying to migrate from to self-hosted wordpress. These are some of the things I’ve done, but I’m not quite able to migrate successfully. Changed my Godaddy account DNS to wordpress Through Godaddy Web hosting connection, I installed wordpress application From I performed domain mapping ***The site is and it currently works. … Read more

List all sequences in a Postgres db 8.1 with SQL

I’m converting a db from postgres to mysql. Since i cannot find a tool that does the trick itself, i’m going to convert all postgres sequences to autoincrement ids in mysql with autoincrement value. So, how can i list all sequences in a Postgres DB (8.1 version) with information about the table in which it’s … Read more

Can’t see login page after migration

I already have an existing website on live server. I want to setup on local machine. Following Steps has been taken: Download whole website Place whole code under htdocs/mywp Change the database file. replace all link from to (my local IP) Import the database and change the wp-config file Deleted .htaccess file Now, … Read more