Using braces with dynamic variable names in PHP

I’m trying to use dynamic variable names (I’m not sure what they’re actually called) But pretty much like this: for($i=0; $i<=2; $i++) { $(“file” . $i) = file($filelist[$i]); } var_dump($file0); The return is null which tells me it’s not working. I have no idea what the syntax or the technique I’m looking for is here, … Read more

Setting HTML properties in a Gutenberg plugin using WordPress settings

I want to set the maxlength property on a TextControl I define in a Gutenberg plugin. This length is to be set from a setting in my WordPress plugin (the one that loads the Gutenberg plugin). I attempted the standard approach of passing PHP data to JavaScript (using wp_localize_script, discussed for example here), but I … Read more

Cleanest/Fastest way to avoid calling and retrieving data from the database multiple times?

So this may be a very noob question, but I believe if I can get the answer to this I can clean up code and speed things up significantly. I build projects using Woocommerce quite a lot, and in doing so I find myself writing functions that often use the same calls from other functions. … Read more

How to split one string into multiple variables in bash shell? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: How do I split a string on a delimiter in Bash? (34 answers) Closed 6 years ago. I’ve been looking for a solution and found similar questions, only they were attempting to split sentences with spaces between them, and the answers do not work for my situation. Currently a … Read more