Debugging with Android Studio stuck at “Waiting For Debugger” forever

UPDATE The supposed duplicate is a question on being stucking in “Waiting For Debugger” when executing Run, while this question is on being stucking in “Waiting For Debugger” when executing Debug, the steps to produce the problem is different, and the solution(s) are different as well. Whenever I try to use Android Studio’s Debug function, … Read more

Android app crashes when launched in debug mode

When I run in debug mode the app crashes, but when I just run it normally it works. I think the problem happens when the debugger is attached. Log: A/art: art/runtime/jdwp/] Check failed: Thread::Current() != GetDebugThread() (Thread::Current()=0x7f44a18400, GetDebugThread()=0x7f44a18400) Expected event thread A/art: art/runtime/] Runtime aborting… A/art: art/runtime/] Aborting thread: A/art: art/runtime/] “JDWP” prio=5 tid=4 WaitingForDebuggerSend … Read more

How to use ADB Shell when Multiple Devices are connected? Fails with “error: more than one device and emulator”

$ adb –help -s SERIAL use device with given serial (overrides $ANDROID_SERIAL) $ adb devices List of devices attached emulator-5554 device 7f1c864e device $ adb shell -s 7f1c864e error: more than one device and emulator 14 s 14 Use the -s option BEFORE the command to specify the device, for example: adb -s 7f1c864e shell … Read more