Why does git-rebase give me merge conflicts when all I’m doing is squashing commits?

We have a Git repository with over 400 commits, the first couple dozen of which were a lot of trial-and-error. We want to clean up these commits by squashing many down into a single commit. Naturally, git-rebase seems the way to go. My problem is that it ends up with merge conflicts, and these conflicts … Read more

How does git merge after cherry-pick work?

Let’s imagine that we have a master branch. Then we create a newbranch git checkout -b newbranch and make two new commits to newbranch: commit1 and commit2 Then we switch to master and make cherry-pick git checkout master git cherry-pick hash_of_commit1 Looking into gitk we see that commit1 and its cherry-picked version have different hashes, … Read more

Abort a Git Merge

I am working on a project using Git as the VCS. I got a branch xyz cut from the mainline branch of master. After working for a while, I committed my code and took a pull of the branch mainline. The pull was fine. I then merged the code with master. After the merge, there … Read more