Is the order of iterating through std::map known (and guaranteed by the standard)?

What I mean is – we know that the std::map‘s elements are sorted according to the keys. So, let’s say the keys are integers. If I iterate from std::map::begin() to std::map::end() using a for, does the standard guarantee that I’ll iterate consequently through the elements with keys, sorted in ascending order? Example: std::map<int, int> map_; … Read more

STL or Qt containers?

What are the pros and cons of using Qt containers (QMap, QVector, etc.) over their STL equivalent? I can see one reason to prefer Qt: Qt containers can be passed along to other parts of Qt. For example, they can be used to populate a QVariant and then a QSettings (with some limitation though, only … Read more

When vectors are allocated, do they use memory on the heap or the stack?

Are all of the following statements true? vector<Type> vect; //allocates vect on stack and each of the Type (using std::allocator) also will be on the stack vector<Type> *vect = new vector<Type>; //allocates vect on heap and each of the Type will be allocated on stack vector<Type*> vect; //vect will be on stack and Type* will … Read more