How to get HttpClient to pass credentials along with the request?

I have a web application (hosted in IIS) that talks to a Windows service. The Windows service is using the ASP.Net MVC Web API (self-hosted), and so can be communicated with over http using JSON. The web application is configured to do impersonation, the idea being that the user who makes the request to the … Read more

How can I get LINQ to return the object which has the max value for a given property? [duplicate]

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How to SetBasePath in ConfigurationBuilder in Core 2.0

How can I set the base path in ConfigurationBuilder in Core 2.0. I have googled and found this question, this from Microsoft docs, and the 2.0 docs online but they seem to be using a version of Microsoft.Extension.Configuration from 1.0.0-beta8. I want to read appsettings.json. Is there a new way of doing this in Core … Read more