How do I ignore the initial load when watching model changes in AngularJS?

I have a web page that serves as the editor for a single entity, which sits as a deep graph in the $scope.fieldcontainer property. After I get a response from my REST API (via $resource), I add a watch to ‘fieldcontainer’. I am using this watch to detect if the page/entity is “dirty”. Right now … Read more

AngularJS changes URLs to “unsafe:” in extension page

I am trying to use Angular with a list of apps, and each one is a link to see an app in more detail (apps/ <a id=”{{}}” href=”{{}}” >{{}}</a> Every time I click on one of these links, Chrome shows the URL as unsafe:chrome-extension://kpbipnfncdpgejhmdneaagc…/apps/ Where does the unsafe: come from? 6 Answers 6

Is there a way to make AngularJS load partials in the beginning and not at when needed?

I have a route setup like this: var myApp = angular.module(‘myApp’, []). config([‘$routeProvider’, function ($routeProvider) { $routeProvider. when(‘/landing’, { templateUrl: ‘/landing-partial’, controller: landingController }). when(‘/:wkspId/query’, { templateUrl: ‘/query-partial’, controller: queryController }). otherwise({ redirectTo: ‘/landing’ }); }]); I want to be able to make angularjs download both the partials in the beginning and not when requested. … Read more

Angularjs Template Default Value if Binding Null / Undefined (With Filter)

I have a template binding that displays a model attribute called ‘date’ which is a date, using Angular’s date filter. <span class=”gallery-date”>{{ | date:’mediumDate’}}</span> So far so good. However at the moment, if there is no value in the date field, the binding displays nothing. However, I would like it to display the string ‘Various’ … Read more

How to implement history.back() in angular.js

I have directive which is site header with back button and I want on click to go back to the previous page. How do I do it in the angular way? I have tried: <header class=”title”> <a class=”back” ng-class=”icons”><img src=”” ng-click=”history.back()” /></a> <h1>{{title}}</h1> <a href=”” class=”home” ng-class=”icons”><img src=”../media/icons/53-house.png” /></a> </header> and this is the directive … Read more