Allow AJAX call to other roles than admin

On my website, registered users (subscriber role) can send drafts and, if admins validate them, they are published. I’m trying to add a tag box to frontend editor used to send new posts. To implement the autocomplete feature I’m making an AJAX call to this URL: That works great for an administrator user, but … Read more

Append Auto Suggest list to specific html tag?

Right now I have a script that auto suggests some post titles, using wordpress’ suggest.js <script type=”text/javascript”> var se_ajax_url=”<?php echo admin_url(“admin-ajax.php’); ?>’; jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(‘#love-input’).suggest(se_ajax_url + ‘?action=se_lookup’, { onSelect: function() { thevalue = this.value; thevalue = thevalue.split(‘ (‘); jQuery(‘#love-input’).val(thevalue[0]); } }); }); However, it appends the list to the bottom of my body tag, and … Read more

How do I stop Notepad++ from showing autocomplete for all words in the file

I’m trying to use Notepad++ with the Progress programming language. I have installed the language definition in %APPDATA%\Roaming\Notepad++ as userDefineLang.xml and syntax highlighting is working correctly. I’ve put a file in the notepad++ Plugins\APIs directory named progress.xml, but the contents are not recognized by Notepad++. I’ve also removed all the other language files from that … Read more

Autocompletion in Vim

In a nutshell, I’m searching for a working autocompletion feature for the Vim editor. I’ve argued before that Vim completely replaces an IDE under Linux and while that’s certainly true, it lacks one important feature: autocompletion. I know about Ctrl+N, Exuberant Ctags integration, Taglist, cppcomplete and OmniCppComplete. Alas, none of these fits my description of … Read more

How would implement StackExchange ‘Questions with similar titles’ for the FAQ on my wordpress site

I want to have a FAQ page on my site which has a search box. As the user types in their question, a field below the search box is populated with FAQ answers with similar titles. The exact same functionality as the StackExchange ‘Questions with similar titles’ feature: Questions with similar titles 4 Open Source … Read more