How can I keep a container running on Kubernetes?

I’m now trying to run a simple container with shell (/bin/bash) on a Kubernetes cluster. I thought that there was a way to keep a container running on a Docker container by using pseudo-tty and detach option (-td option on docker run command). For example, $ sudo docker run -td ubuntu:latest Is there an option … Read more

Docker error cannot delete docker container, conflict: unable to remove repository reference

I want to remove the container at Docker, but an error occurs when you want to delete My next step before removing the container, see the list of existing container sts@Yudi:~/docker$ sudo docker ps -as CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES SIZE 78479ffeba5c ubuntu “/bin/bash” 42 hours ago Exited (0) 42 hours ago … Read more

What’s the difference between ClusterIP, NodePort and LoadBalancer service types in Kubernetes?

Question 1 – I’m reading the documentation and I’m slightly confused with the wording. It says: ClusterIP: Exposes the service on a cluster-internal IP. Choosing this value makes the service only reachable from within the cluster. This is the default ServiceType NodePort: Exposes the service on each Node’s IP at a static port (the NodePort). … Read more