How to change the datetime format in Pandas

My dataframe has a DOB column (example format 1/1/2016) which by default gets converted to Pandas dtype ‘object’. Converting this to date format with df[‘DOB’] = pd.to_datetime(df[‘DOB’]), the date gets converted to: 2016-01-26 and its dtype is: datetime64[ns]. Now I want to convert this date format to 01/26/2016 or any other general date format. How … Read more

Subtract days from a DateTime

I have the following code in my C# program. DateTime dateForButton = DateTime.Now; dateForButton = dateForButton.AddDays(-1); // ERROR: un-representable DateTime Whenever I run it, I get the following error: The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime. Parameter name: value Iv’e never seen this error message before, and don’t understand why I’m seeing … Read more

How to check if DST (Daylight Saving Time) is in effect, and if so, the offset?

This is a bit of my JS code for which this is needed: var secDiff = Math.abs(Math.round((utc_date-this.premiere_date)/1000)); this.years = this.calculateUnit(secDiff,(86400*365)); this.days = this.calculateUnit(secDiff-(this.years*(86400*365)),86400); this.hours = this.calculateUnit((secDiff-(this.years*(86400*365))-(this.days*86400)),3600); this.minutes = this.calculateUnit((secDiff-(this.years*(86400*365))-(this.days*86400)-(this.hours*3600)),60); this.seconds = this.calculateUnit((secDiff-(this.years*(86400*365))-(this.days*86400)-(this.hours*3600)-(this.minutes*60)),1); I want to get the datetime in “ago”, but if the DST is in use then the dates are off by 1 hour. … Read more