How to remove these comments and html tags from the content?

These are actually input fields. paragraph is the textarea field. i query the contents from database and try to show them in this textarea field. But the textarea field is showing me unwanted comments and tags. When I echo them outtside the textarea field, it is fine. My code…. <?php while($userNotes->have_posts()): $userNotes->the_post(); ?> <li> <input … Read more

edit posts through front-end

It’s possible to insert posts by users through the front-end by using plugins such as gravity forms or by using wp_insert_post. However, how would one handle the editing of those posts? This has to be in a safe/foolproof/secure way for users. 2 Answers 2 WP User Frontend and Post From Site plugins (among others) allow … Read more

in network setup super admin has the tinyMCE buttons and the regular admin has not

in mine network setup, the super admin has the ability to see the tinyMCE editing buttons in the option page, but when i switch to a regular adimin, i can see only the HTML editing buttons (the “rich text”). what can be the reason for that? i can find any thing in the functions.php that … Read more