How to delete transients written by fetch_feed()?

I’m using fetch_feed() to cache external rss sources displayed in a widget. in case the widget (or, more likely, the whole plugin) is deleted/deactivated, i want to manually delete all related transients. In class-feed.php $filename is passed to the constructor of WP_Feed_Cache_Transient{}, which obviously handles the transients for fetch_feed. I just havent figured out how … Read more

How can I get WP to build a feed based on multiple taxonomy terms

Currently, the best way to get a feed generated for a single taxonomy term is by letting wordpress generate the content automatically: However, is there a built in way of being able to produce a feed using multiple terms from the same taxonomy? For example:,term2,term3&another_tax_slug=term4,term5 The idea is to use built in wordpress … Read more

Buddypress: Edit activity when new blog post [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Your question should be specific to WordPress. Generic PHP/JS/HTML/CSS questions might be better asked at Stack Overflow or another appropriate site of the Stack Exchange network. Third party plugins and themes are off topic. Closed 7 years ago. Improve this question I am trying … Read more

How to add custom fields in rss feed

I have a custom field called argument. I’m trying to add it in RSS feed using the following code, but it’s not working. Am I missing something? function acf_feed($content) { if(is_feed()) { $post_id = get_the_ID(); $output=”<acfArgument>” . get_post_meta($post_id, “argument”, true) . ‘</acfArgument>’; $content = $content.$output; } return $content; } add_filter(‘the_content’,’acf_feed’); I added this function to … Read more

Change the RSS feed image

I want to customize this part of WordPress feeds: <image> <url>https://[]/wp-content/uploads/cropped-logo-32×32.png</url> <title>My Site</title> <link></link> <width>32</width> <height>32</height></image> There is a similar question with a wrong answer here. Changing media settings in wp-admin does not work. I would like to change the image size or customize the entire part with a custom image URL for example. Thank … Read more

Custom RSS does not work for categories and tags

We have a custom RSS in our web. It works normally on Main page and post – But in categories and tags it does not work redirect to Do you have any idea how to solve it? /* This code initializes the custom RSS Feeds for your website*/ add_action(‘init’, ‘customRSS’); function customRSS(){ … Read more