Adding asterisk to required fields in Bootstrap 3

My HTML has a class called .required that is assigned to required fields. Here is the HTML: <form action=”/accounts/register/” method=”post” role=”form” class=”form-horizontal”> <input type=”hidden” name=”csrfmiddlewaretoken” value=”brGfMU16YyyG2QEcpLqhb3Zh8AvkYkJt” /> <div class=”form-group required”> <label class=”col-md-2 control-label”>Username</label> <div class=”col-md-4″> <input class=”form-control” id=”id_username” maxlength=”30″ name=”username” placeholder=”Username” required=”required” title=”” type=”text” /> </div> </div> <div class=”form-group required”><label class=”col-md-2 control-label”>E-mail</label><div class=”col-md-4″><input class=”form-control” id=”id_email” … Read more

Using the WordPress selected() function

I’m using the WordPress selected() function to display the current option in a dropdown list. The issue I am having is that for some reason WordPress is printing out selected=’selected’ above the form in addition to in the actual <option> elements. This is how I am using the selected() function. <select name=”gender”> <option value=”male” ” … Read more

Prevent page reload after ajax form submission

I’m trying to submit a form in wordpress with ajax. But after the first submision the page itself is called again. My Form <form class=”et_pb_contact_form clearfix” method=”post” action=”” id=”loginform”> <p class=”et_pb_contact_field et_pb_contact_field_0 et_pb_contact_field_last” data-id=”mail” data-type=”input”> <label for=”et_pb_contact_mail_1″ class=”et_pb_contact_form_label”>E-Mail-Adresse</label> <input type=”email” name=”mail” id=”mail” value=”” placeholder=”E-Mail-Adresse” required=””/> </p> <p class=”et_pb_contact_field et_pb_contact_field_1 et_pb_contact_field_last” data-id=”pw” data-type=”input”> <label for=”et_pb_contact_pw_1″ class=”et_pb_contact_form_label”>Passwort</label> … Read more

other shortcodes in Contact form 7 MAILS [closed]

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