wp_enqueue_scripts hook is not being called

I added the following code to my functions.php: if(!function_exists(‘bi_frontend_scripts’)) { function bi_frontend_scripts() { wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’); // I originally wanted to do: wp_enqueue_script(‘jQuery.bxSlider’, get_bloginfo(‘template_url’).’/scripts/jquery.bxslider/jquery.bxslider.min.js’, array(‘jquery’)); } } add_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘bi_frontend_scripts’); But apparently neither of the scripts is being enqueued. I didn’t get what my problem was, so I added this script to find out if the hook is … Read more

ajax call in wordpress front end

In my plugin i’m using two ajax calls in back end. that worked well. but to provide the same functionality in front end i loaded the copy of these two functions with another names and my code is: in my plugin main file: function my_action_callback(){ global $wpdb; if (@$_POST[‘id’]) { $daty = $wpdb->get_results(“select eemail_id,eemail_content,eemail_subject from … Read more

Why are my frontend theme styles bleeding into the backend?

I’m developing a custom theme. For some reason, some of the styles I define globally in the front-end (like certain styles for headings and such) are affecting the back-end. I am using the WP-LESS plugin and enqueueing the main stylesheet in the theme’s functions.PHP: wp_enqueue_style( ‘mainLESS’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/less/index.less’); Is this normal behaviour? How should … Read more

edit posts through front-end

It’s possible to insert posts by users through the front-end by using plugins such as gravity forms or by using wp_insert_post. However, how would one handle the editing of those posts? This has to be in a safe/foolproof/secure way for users. 2 Answers 2 WP User Frontend and Post From Site plugins (among others) allow … Read more