Rename a git submodule

Is there some easy way to rename a git submodule directory (other than going through the entire motion of deleting it and re-adding it with a new destination name). And while we are at it, why is it that I simply cannot do the following in the parent directory: git mv old-submodule-name new-submodule-name 7 Answers … Read more

Git submodule update

I’m not clear on what the following means (from the Git submodule update documentation): …will make the submodules HEAD be detached, unless –rebase or –merge is specified… How does –rebase/–merge change things? My main use case is to have a bunch of central repositories, which I will embed via submodules into other repositories. I would … Read more

Git diff says subproject is dirty

I have just run a git diff, and I am getting the following output for all of my approx 10 submodules diff –git a/.vim/bundle/bufexplorer b/.vim/bundle/bufexplorer — a/.vim/bundle/bufexplorer +++ b/.vim/bundle/bufexplorer @@ -1 +1 @@ -Subproject commit 8c75e65b647238febd0257658b150f717a136359 +Subproject commit 8c75e65b647238febd0257658b150f717a136359-dirty What does this mean? How do I fix it? 10 Answers 10