Nginx 403 error: directory index of [folder] is forbidden

I have 3 domain names and am trying to host all 3 sites on one server (a Digital Ocean droplet) using Nginx. Only 1 of them works. The other two result in 403 errors (in the same way). In my nginx error log, I see: [error] 13108#0: *1 directory index of “/usr/share/nginx/” … Read more

Error message “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server” [closed]

Closed. This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Stack Overflow. Closed 3 years ago. Improve this question I have configured my Apache by myself and have tried to load phpMyAdmin on a virtual host, but I … Read more

403 Forbidden vs 401 Unauthorized HTTP responses

For a web page that exists, but for which a user does not have sufficient privileges (they are not logged in or do not belong to the proper user group), what is the proper HTTP response to serve? 401 Unauthorized? 403 Forbidden? Something else? What I’ve read on each so far isn’t very clear on … Read more