How do C++ class members get initialized if I don’t do it explicitly?

Suppose I have a class with private memebers ptr, name, pname, rname, crname and age. What happens if I don’t initialize them myself? Here is an example: class Example { private: int *ptr; string name; string *pname; string &rname; const string &crname; int age; public: Example() {} }; And then I do: int main() { … Read more

How can I make the memberwise initialiser public, by default, for structs in Swift?

I have a Swift framework that defines a struct: public struct CollectionTO { var index: Order var title: String var description: String } However, I can’t seem to use the implicit memberwise initialiser from another project that imports the library. The error is: ‘CollectionTO’ cannot be initialised because it has no accessible initialisers i.e. the … Read more