SSL certificate is not trusted – on mobile only [closed]

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How can I scan barcodes on iOS? [closed]

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Handling applicationDidBecomeActive – “How can a view controller respond to the app becoming Active?”

I have the UIApplicationDelegate protocol in my main AppDelegate.m class, with the applicationDidBecomeActive method defined. I want to call a method when the application returns from the background, but the method is in another view controller. How can I check which view controller is currently showing in the applicationDidBecomeActive method and then make a call … Read more

Warning :-Presenting view controllers on detached view controllers is discouraged

In my app, I am using a navigation controller. Later on in some view I am using presentViewController for showing a zoomed image. Also I am not using a Storyboard or nib. I am getting this error in iOS 7 only. It works fine in iOS 6 and earlier: Presenting view controllers on detached view … Read more