Compiling C++ on remote Linux machine – “clock skew detected” warning

I’m connected to my university’s small Linux cluster via PuTTY and WinSCP, transferring files using the latter and compiling and running them with the former. My work so far has been performed in the university’s labs, but today I have been doing some work at home that generated an interesting warning. I uploaded an entire … Read more

How to set child process’ environment variable in Makefile

I would like to change this Makefile: SHELL := /bin/bash PATH := node_modules/.bin:$(PATH) boot: @supervisor \ –harmony \ –watch etc,lib \ –extensions js,json \ –no-restart-on error \ lib test: NODE_ENV=test mocha \ –harmony \ –reporter spec \ test clean: @rm -rf node_modules .PHONY: test clean to: SHELL := /bin/bash PATH := node_modules/.bin:$(PATH) boot: @supervisor \ … Read more