Set Colorbar Range in matplotlib

I have the following code: import matplotlib.pyplot as plt cdict = { ‘red’ : ( (0.0, 0.25, .25), (0.02, .59, .59), (1., 1., 1.)), ‘green’: ( (0.0, 0.0, 0.0), (0.02, .45, .45), (1., .97, .97)), ‘blue’ : ( (0.0, 1.0, 1.0), (0.02, .75, .75), (1., 0.45, 0.45)) } cm = m.colors.LinearSegmentedColormap(‘my_colormap’, cdict, 1024) plt.clf() plt.pcolor(X, … Read more

How do I tell Matplotlib to create a second (new) plot, then later plot on the old one?

I want to plot data, then create a new figure and plot data2, and finally come back to the original plot and plot data3, kinda like this: import numpy as np import matplotlib as plt x = arange(5) y = np.exp(5) plt.figure() plt.plot(x, y) z = np.sin(x) plt.figure() plt.plot(x, z) w = np.cos(x) plt.figure(“””first figure”””) … Read more

Generating matplotlib graphs without a running X server [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Generating a PNG with matplotlib when DISPLAY is undefined (13 answers) Closed 8 years ago. Matplotlib seems to require the $DISPLAY environment variable which means a running X server.Some web hosting services do not allow a running X server session.Is there a way to generate graphs using matplotlib without … Read more

How do I tell matplotlib that I am done with a plot?

The following code plots to two PostScript (.ps) files, but the second one contains both lines. import matplotlib import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import matplotlib.mlab as mlab plt.subplot(111) x = [1,10] y = [30, 1000] plt.loglog(x, y, basex=10, basey=10, ls=”-“) plt.savefig(“”) plt.subplot(111) x = [10,100] y = [10, 10000] plt.loglog(x, y, basex=10, basey=10, ls=”-“) plt.savefig(“”) How … Read more

matplotlib does not show my drawings although I call

Help required on matplotlib. Yes, I did not forget calling the $ ipython –pylab import matplotlib.pyplot as p p.plot(range(20), range(20)) It returns matplotlib.lines.Line2D at 0xade2b2c as the output. There is nothing to happen. No error message. No new window. Nothing. I install matplotlib by using pip and I didn’t take any error messages. … Read more

What is the difference between pylab and pyplot? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Which is the recommended way to plot: matplotlib or pylab? (2 answers) Closed last year. What is the difference between matplotlib.pyplot and matplotlib.pylab? Which is preferred for what usage? I am a little confused, because it seems like independent from which I import, I can do the same things. … Read more