How do I get my Maven Integration tests to run

I have a maven2 multi-module project and in each of my child modules I have JUnit tests that are named and for unit tests and integration tests respectively. When I execute: mvn test all of the JUnit tests * within the child modules are executed. When I execute mvn test -Dtest=**/*Integration none of … Read more

Maven check for updated dependencies in repository

Is there a Maven plugin that allows you to check if there are newer versions of dependencies available in the repository? Say, you are using dependency X with version 1.2. Now a new version of X is released with version 1.3. I’d like to know, based on the dependencies used in my project, which dependencies … Read more

Best practices for copying files with Maven

I have config files and various documents that I want to copy from the dev environment to the dev-server directory using Maven2. Strangely, Maven does not seem strong at this task. Some of the options: Simple use a copy task in Maven <copy file=”src/main/resources/” tofile=”${project.server.config}/”/> Use the Ant plugin to execute copy from Ant. Construct … Read more