What is the difference between buffer and cache memory in Linux?

To me it’s not clear what’s the difference between the two Linux memory concepts : buffer and cache. I’ve read through this post and it seems to me that the difference between them is the expiration policy: buffer’s policy is first-in, first-out cache’s policy is Least Recently Used. Am I right? In particular, I’m looking … Read more

Where in memory are my variables stored in C?

By considering that the memory is divided into four segments: data, heap, stack, and code, where do global variables, static variables, constant data types, local variables (defined and declared in functions), variables (in main function), pointers, and dynamically allocated space (using malloc and calloc) get stored in memory? I think they would be allocated as … Read more

How do I monitor the computer’s CPU, memory, and disk usage in Java?

I would like to monitor the following system information in Java: Current CPU usage** (percent) Available memory* (free/total) Available disk space (free/total) *Note that I mean overall memory available to the whole system, not just the JVM. I’m looking for a cross-platform solution (Linux, Mac, and Windows) that doesn’t rely on my own code calling … Read more