Compare two data.frames to find the rows in data.frame 1 that are not present in data.frame 2

I have the following 2 data.frames: a1 <- data.frame(a = 1:5, b=letters[1:5]) a2 <- data.frame(a = 1:3, b=letters[1:3]) I want to find the row a1 has that a2 doesn’t. Is there a built in function for this type of operation? (p.s: I did write a solution for it, I am simply curious if someone already … Read more

How to merge dictionaries of dictionaries?

I need to merge multiple dictionaries, here’s what I have for instance: dict1 = {1:{“a”:{A}}, 2:{“b”:{B}}} dict2 = {2:{“c”:{C}}, 3:{“d”:{D}} With A B C and D being leaves of the tree, like {“info1″:”value”, “info2″:”value2”} There is an unknown level(depth) of dictionaries, it could be {2:{“c”:{“z”:{“y”:{C}}}}} In my case it represents a directory/files structure with nodes … Read more

Visual Studio Code how to resolve merge conflicts with git?

I tried to merge my branch with another branch and there was a merge conflict. In Visual Studio Code (version 1.2.1) I resolved all of the issues, however when I try to commit it keeps giving me this message: You should first resolve the un-merged changes before committing your changes. I’ve tried googling it but … Read more

How to “git show” a merge commit with combined diff output even when every changed file agrees with one of the parents?

After doing a “simple” merge (one without conflicts), git show usually only shows something like commit 0e1329e551a5700614a2a34d8101e92fd9f2cad6 (HEAD, master) Merge: fc17405 ee2de56 Author: Tilman Vogel <email@email> Date: Tue Feb 22 00:27:17 2011 +0100 Merge branch ‘testing’ into master This is because, for merges, git show uses the combined diff format which omits files that agree … Read more

Moving Git repository content to another repository preserving history

I am trying to move only the contents of one repository (repo1) to another existing repository (repo2) using the following commands: git clone repo1 git clone repo2 cd repo1 git remote rm origin git remote add repo1 git push But it’s not working. I reviewed a similar post, but I only found one moving the … Read more

Updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you do not have locally

I’m working on a team with a few developers using git on BitBucket. We are all working on a dev branch, not pushing to master until a release. One of the developers committed incorrect code that overwrote my own by accident, and now I am trying to push the correct code back to the repo. … Read more