Unable to Install Any Package in Visual Studio 2015

I’ve tried every package I could possibly find and none of them will install in my project. I’ve installed every update listed in the Extensions and Updates list that were available. When I attempt to install SendGrid for example, this is the result (as is the result with all other packages): Attempting to gather dependencies … Read more

Node package ( Grunt ) installed but not available

I’m trying to build a github jquery-ui library using grunt, but after running npm install I still can’t run the command according to the readme file. It just gives No command ‘grunt’ found: james@ubuntu:~/Documents/projects/ad2/lib/jquery-ui$ grunt build No command ‘grunt’ found, did you mean: Command ‘grun’ from package ‘grun’ (universe) grunt: command not found james@ubuntu:~/Documents/projects/ad2/lib/jquery-ui$ npm … Read more