Disabling browser print options (headers, footers, margins) from page?

I have seen this question asked in a couple of different ways on SO and several other websites, but most of them are either too specific or out-of-date. I’m hoping someone can provide a definitive answer here without pandering to speculation. Is there a way, either with CSS or javascript, to change the default printer … Read more

How to print a dictionary line by line in Python?

This is the dictionary cars = {‘A’:{‘speed’:70, ‘color’:2}, ‘B’:{‘speed’:60, ‘color’:3}} Using this for loop for keys,values in cars.items(): print(keys) print(values) It prints the following: B {‘color’: 3, ‘speed’: 60} A {‘color’: 2, ‘speed’: 70} But I want the program to print it like this: B color : 3 speed : 60 A color : 2 … Read more

Why doesn’t “System.out.println” work in Android?

I want to print something in console, so that I can debug it. But for some reason, nothing prints in my Android application. How do I debug then? public class HelloWebview extends Activity { WebView webview; private static final String LOG_TAG = “WebViewDemo”; private class HelloWebViewClient extends WebViewClient { @Override public boolean shouldOverrideUrlLoading(WebView view, String … Read more