What is the best way to exit a function (which has no return value) in python before the function ends (e.g. a check fails)?

Let’s assume an iteration in which we call a function without a return value. The way I think my program should behave is explained in this pseudocode: for element in some_list: foo(element) def foo(element): do something if check is true: do more (because check was succesful) else: return None do much much more… If I … Read more

Java method with return type compiles without return statement

Question 1: Why does the following code compile without having a return statement? public int a() { while(true); } Notice: If I add return after the while then I get an Unreachable Code Error. Question 2: On the other hand, why does the following code compile, public int a() { while(0 == 0); } even … Read more

Is returning out of a switch statement considered a better practice than using break? [closed]

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