Xcode 6 beta 2 issue exporting .ipa: “Your account already has a valid iOS distribution certificate”

I’m having trouble exporting an app for Ad Hoc Distribution on Xcode 6 beta 2: When exporting my project for ad hoc development on Xcode 6, I receive this alert. I’ve tried exporting it on Xcode 5 and had no problems at all saving the .ipa. Is anyone experiencing this problem as well? 27 Answers … Read more

Xcode 6 crashes on submitting Archive

Today I uploaded my first build of first app successfully to App Store for beta testing. After making a few changes, when I tried to submit the new archive again Xcode crashed, and still crashes. It’s the log: Process: Xcode [36810] Path: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/MacOS/Xcode Identifier: com.apple.dt.Xcode Version: 6.3.2 (7718) Build Info: IDEFrameworks-7718000000000000~2 App Item ID: 497799835 … Read more

Changing the Status Bar Color for specific ViewControllers using Swift in iOS8

override func preferredStatusBarStyle() -> UIStatusBarStyle { return UIStatusBarStyle.LightContent; } Using the above code in any ViewController to set the statusBar color to White for a specific viewcontroller doesnt work in iOS8 for me. Any suggestions? Using the UIApplication.sharedApplication method, the color changes after required changes in the Info.plist for the whole app. // Change the … Read more

My prerelease app has been “processing” for over a week in iTunes Connect, what gives?

I used Xcode 6.1.1 to upload a new version of a prerelease app to iTunes Connect so I could distribute it to my external beta testers. I’ve done this with two versions of the same app previously and it worked fine. But this time, the upload was stuck in “Processing” state for over a week. … Read more