Dynamically load a JavaScript file

How can you reliably and dynamically load a JavaScript file? This will can be used to implement a module or component that when ‘initialized’ the component will dynamically load all needed JavaScript library scripts on demand. The client that uses the component isn’t required to load all the library script files (and manually insert <script> … Read more

Importing data from spreadsheet into wordpress DB, along with custom taxonomies and their terms

I am importing a large DB from an Excel spreadsheet into a wordpress DB. I was going to do it manually by creating a new table but decided to import it into the existing wordpress framework as it will allow me to change information manually in the wordpress back end. I was importing all 2000 … Read more

Image File Names

I’ve been poking around the Codex in hopes of finding out how WP renames image files when you upload them… it’s probably there but I can’t seem to find it. It seems that if I upload 1 file, like xue.jpg, that I get many files, like: xue-123×456.jpg xue-456×789.jpg and so on. I take it that … Read more

How to import only certain comments from post[s]

NOTICE: This is solely NOT a WordPress.com Question, but related to WordPress Migration and Export-Import. I started blogging in WordPress.com and then shifted my blog to a self-hosted site. But even after that, I din’t shut down my .com blog for some internal reasons. Though I stopped updating the .com blog, users are still commenting … Read more

Woocommerce Storefront WordPress Ignore Media Gallery Images and use External 3rd Party Host

OK, firstly we have done this before using Magento and it worked well, but with WordPress? Well, here is the problem and the plan… The Problem For a few reasons we wish to use a 3rd Party host for all our e-commerce images in the Storefront Theme of Woocommerce. As we are using an import … Read more

Intellij Cannot resolve symbol on import

This problem happens intermittently for different libraries and different projects. When trying to import a library, the package will be recognized, but the class name can’t be resolved. If on the import statement, I right-click -> Goto -> the package’s declaration, I see all the decompiled classes displayed in the side pane — Including the … Read more