SSL certificate is not trusted – on mobile only [closed]

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Admin menu bar dropdown opens when I click on a form element (Chrome) [closed]

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Why does Chrome incorrectly determine page is in a different language and offer to translate?

The new Google Chrome auto-translation feature is tripping up on one page within one of our applications. Whenever we navigate to this particular page, Chrome tells us the page is in Danish and offers to translate. The page is in English, just like every other page in our app. This particular page is an internal … Read more

session not created: This version of ChromeDriver only supports Chrome version 74 error with ChromeDriver Chrome using Selenium

I’m trying to run RSelenium using the rsDriver function, but when I run rD <- rsDriver() I get a message telling me I need a newer version of Chrome: > rD <- rsDriver() checking Selenium Server versions: BEGIN: PREDOWNLOAD BEGIN: DOWNLOAD BEGIN: POSTDOWNLOAD checking chromedriver versions: BEGIN: PREDOWNLOAD BEGIN: DOWNLOAD BEGIN: POSTDOWNLOAD checking geckodriver versions: … Read more

css transform, jagged edges in chrome

I’ve been using CSS3 transform to rotate images and textboxes with borders in my website. The problem is that the border look jagged in Chrome, like a (low-resolution) game without Anti-Aliasing. In IE, Opera and FF it looks much better because AA is used (which is still clearly visible but not that bad). I can’t … Read more

Video auto play is not working in Safari and Chrome desktop browser

I spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out why video embedded like here: <video height=”256″ loop autoplay muted controls id=”vid”> <source type=”video/mp4″ src=”″></source> <source type=”video/ogg” src=”video_file.ogg”></source> </video> starts playing automatically once the page is loaded in FireFox but cannot do autoplay in Webkit based browsers. This only happened on some random pages. … Read more